Time: 12:30

Flamingo Tours was a famous West Coast travel agency at its peak in the early 1950s. Its heiress, Serena Flaming, travelled around singing, dancing and doing women’s wrestling exhibitions. She had several children in various corners of the world who eventually reunited for rock n’ roll beyond their cultural boundaries.

They left by small plane for the North Sea Islands and after a stopover in Hawaii they ended up in Mexico. There they discovered the songs of their ancestors and sang rancheras washed down with alcohol. Back in the wetlands of the south, the roads open up, full of snakes and tarantulas… distant blues that fumigate the monstrous cornfields.

Flamingo Tours is an independent rock n’ roll band from Barcelona, , which stands out for having its own voice, different and difficult to find in the national scene. Their music is an authentic journey to the roots through the frontier, but with the look and expression of the 21st century. A concoction prepared, almost sadistically, by Myriam Swanson, Artem Zhulyev, Salva Suau, Santos Puertas and Joan Vigo.

The new album by Swanson’s band sounds hot, stale, apocalyptic and rabid. It tells us swampy tales of the mythology that roams the Southern States, the Appalachians and other places where the wild beasts of the south are found. Chronicles of voodoo, serial killers, werewolves and the contact pages of newspapers.