Discover Bilbao
Bilbao is the capital of Bizkaia, as well as being the main metropolis, economic and financial centre of the Basque Country. The great transformation that the Villa or “botxo”, as it is affectionately known among its inhabitants for being located in a valley, has undergone in recent years has turned it into one of the most cosmopolitan and innovative cities in Europe.

The historic architecture blends in the city centre with the most avant-garde designs, giving rise to a unique and harmonious space. The Nervión Estuary is the artery that runs through the city and its surroundings.

Walking along its banks you will discover landmarks of its industrial past and present, such as the Bizkaia Bridge in Portugalete, the marvellous palaces and buildings of Getxo or the port of Santurtzi.

The Guggenheim Museum has put Bilbao in the international spotlight, but the city has much more to offer. A city that, with around 350,000 inhabitants, surprises at every turn.