Time: 14:00

Francisco Simón was in the Tonky Blues Band and Mingo Balaguer in the Caledonia Blues Band when they met more than thirty years ago. Two pioneer blues bands in Spain, one from Madrid and the other from Seville. They used to coincide in numerous festivals and events related to this musical genre all over Spain and even abroad, until one day Simón and Balaguer, with more than consolidated careers, started to work together in different projects.

About 8 or 9 years ago, Mingo met the magnificent blues guitarist Pablo Sanpa from Madrid and soon after they began to collaborate, until they founded the band Mingo-Sanpa & Bárez Bros. Pablo Sanpa had been a student of Francisco Simón, now his mentor, learning the best from him for many years.

We are dealing with two different generations in Spanish blues, master and pupil, both references for their generations. Finally, after coinciding on many occasions on stage, the three of them decided to form this project together: Blues Triumvirate.