Alejo Stivel

Time: 22:15

Founding member and voice of Tequila, the emblematic Spanish rock band, with whom he achieved enormous success and sold more than a million records.

He achieved success with songs such as Me vuelvo loco, Salta and Rock and Roll en la plaza del pueblo, releasing a total of four albums between 1978 and 1981: Matrícula de honor (1978), Rock and Roll (1979), Viva Tequila (1980), and Confidencial (1981).

The band disbanded in 1983. After nearly 30 years of a whirlwind of musical, theatrical and advertising production, Alejo returned to the stage with his first solo album, “Decíamos ayer”, in which he compiled some of the best Hispanic pop and rock songs (“Ojalá”, by Silvio Rodríguez, “Sábado a la noche”, by Moris and “Bienvenidos al tren”, by Charly García) recycled in his own particular way of understanding music.

In his latest work, “Alejo”, this composer boasts of his Jaggerian pact with the devil.

We are proud to have this complete artist in Bilbao Blues Festival, welcome!