An illustration that reflects the world of the Blues in a “direct and universal” way. The image of the poster for the 1st Bilbao Blues Festival is designed by the team from the Basque studio Moriskette, directed by Sergio Pérez Berasategi. The basic starting point for designing this creativity was that it should reflect, in some way, that the great musical event is being held in the capital of Bizkaia. “After evaluating different options, we decided to integrate the characteristic tiles of the city’s streets into our design. It seems to us to be a powerful icon that perfectly connects Bilbao with the essence of the festival, which will offer the concerts at street level and for all audiences: Blues in the streets of Bilbao”, explains Pérez Berasategi.

On a formal level, Moriskette resorted to a style based on illustration and typography, with friendly and direct colours. “The whole offers a combination that is very much in line with this musical style and communicates in a very effective way, says the head of the studio.