Day : Friday 29

Time: 19:00

This Italian-Biscayan-Argentinian “High Energy Jump & Roll” band was born in 2018 with the aim of playing jump-blues and 50’s rock & roll with a punk attitude and a focus on fun and dancing.

Its members have a long history in bands such as Shöck, No Relax, The Boogie Punkers, Jukebox Racket, or Longboards and among their influences are LaVern Baker, Wynona Carr, Varetta Dillard, Wynonie Harris, Little Walter, Wanda Jackson, Barbara Pitman, Giorgo Gaber or Mina, all of whom have gone through the blender of Stray Cats, The Nightporters, Barrence Whitfield or The Clash.

In a short time they have managed to attract the attention of critics, audiences and festivals such as “Azkena Rock Festival”, “Riot Show (Austria)” or “Big Rumble”. Their first album, “Strong Woman” (2021), is a self-produced vinyl EP of three songs in English and Italian.